Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Endings How to Finish a Perfect Oral Sex Session With Him

So much attention is given to what should or can be done DURING a man's orgasm when giving him oral....Should I spit or swallow? Will it taste bad? What if I gag? get the idea. Of course it is best to have some kind of idea or plan in place beforehand so that both partners receive a pleasurable experience, but what moves you make immediately AFTER your guy's orgasm are not only going to separate you from the pack of wanna be oral sexx goddesses out there, but it's also going to have a lasting impact on your guy as I think it's just a really cool way to show your caring, nurturing, snuggly side too.

After he cums, irregardless of where he cums, back off. Guys are a lot like women at this stage of the game. They become super sensitive and can easily respond unfavorably to continued direct, firm pressure and movement, especially to the head area. That being said, this does not mean that you've now got the green light to go running into the bathroom with that disgusted look of ewwww on your face as you frantically scrub at your cum covered neck, or face, or wherever. A move like this screams Rejection! and will deflate his ego even faster than his penis.

Ok, getting back to the sensitivity issue, even if you don't go running off to the bathroom, also do not continue to bob up and down relentlessly on him with your mouth and/or do not continue to pump away on his shaft with your hand like you're trying to shake out the last few blobs of ketchup from the bottle. Instead, keep nice and still as you hold him in your mouth, no bobbing, just a gentle little suck as his member rests on your tongue to grab those last one or two pearly drops he may be holding onto. As you do this, also softly stroke his legs, belly, arms, etc. and give him little goosebumps all over. You can also pull back and delicately bathe him with your tongue (this is that warm, fuzzy, nurturing thing I mentioned). Gently lap away at his softening member, scrotum, inner thighs, lower belly cleaning up any sticky spots he might sweet, yet soooo erotic.

Discover your own post orgasm move that is unique to only him. From the very beginning (17-ish years ago) my hubby has always had this tiny bald spot on his scrotum that I've loved to gently stroke with my fingertip after any type of sexxual activity. I like it because it feels 10 times softer than any other area of his body, and he loves it because it relaxes him like crazy. I'm also the only woman to have ever discovered this hidden sweet spot of his which makes it even more special.

Just a pinch of extra effort and thought immediately after he cums can make a huge difference for him and score extra snuggle time for you!